Bridgett, a medium doll in shades of purple

$65.00 $55.00

Bridgett is a medium sized doll. Made with the highest quality cottons and materials.

She has a hand painted and embroidered face. Her hair is a fantastic mixture of yarns, including acrylic, wool and merino.

Herr skirt is removable, as is her crochet collar.

She is a medium doll, measuring around 33CMs. A gorgeous size for display and play!

Her hair is triple sewn before being hand sewn into place. She is double sewn in all the right places. She is designed to be played with!

She is washable, either spot clean or hand wash is recommended.

Because of her loose long hair she is not suitable for unsupervised play with under threes. It is however able to be restyled so you could put it in a braid and it’s not loose anymore, taadaa.


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