These super awesome little buddies have been made using high quality cotton for the torso and hand dyed wool (or merino) for the cap.

We have Vibrant Rainbow, Rainbow Swirl, Water Melon (made with 100% cotton, no wool) and Unicorn Farts.

Mushrooms.2 are bigger than my original mushrooms. They are all slightly different in size. Ranging from 15 – 20CMs tall and with an average butt diameter of 5.5CM

Vibrant Rainbow has been made with my vibrant rainbow colourway. Some fantastic colour pooling has evented with this.
Rainbow Swirl is also made with vibrant rainbow but followed with a undyed merino to separate the colours and hopefully make the rainbow stand out that little bit more.
Water Melon has been created to be a slice of exactly that. It even has little black seeds!
Unicorn farts has been made with my colourway with the same name! A delicate mixture of pastels.

These mushrooms are not a toy. They have a rock in their bum so they sit nicely. The caps are not stuffed so may flatten in the post, you just puff it out by hand if that’s the case.


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Vibrant Rainbow, Rainbow Swirl, Water Melon, Unicorn Farts


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